How to Make Money By Blogging

How To Make Money By BloggingThere are many ways you can make money by blogging. The key is you must know how and how to do it. Many People make Money with blogs because they use their topic and develop a monetizing plan. Lets Get started…

Jessica Tyler is a Personal Trainer that enjoys helping others lose weight. She notices that most of her clients are always asking the same questions. She is at home on her computer one day and notices that people are making money with blogs. She needs the extra money, so why not make money with blogging and help people around the world.

Make Money By Blogging with EBOOKS

The first thing Jessica does is set up a blog with blogger. She decides that she would start with blogger because it was easy and she was new to blogging. She has written a ton of ideas in her notebook on proper diets for the goals of different people. She also has a ton of information about how to do certain exercises and the many ways you can use everyday activities as exercise.

This is great for Jessica because she can pick a popular subject and sell an ebook.

She uses her blog to promote her ebook by directing the appropriate traffic to that specific sales page. She also has a banner letting her visitors know about the ebook.

Make Money By Blogging by doing Affiliate Marketing

Jessica has finished her ebook and now notices that she can start advertising others products as well. She starts to use some of her posts on her blog to promote exercise equipment. Her favorite is Ebay because they have many products she would recommend. She becomes an affiliate with Linkshare and Commission Junction and gets links from some of the most popular exercise equipment companies.

When someone clicks on them, she gets paid a percentage of the sale or gets paid just for directing her traffic to their website.

Make Money By Blogging with Google Adsense

Jessica’s Blog is getting more and more popular. She decides to try Google Adsense. She signs up for the program and then she starts putting some ads on the side of her blog.

When someone clicks on on of the ads, she gets paid.

Easy enough, right!

Make Money By Blogging with CafePress and Zazzle

Jessica is getting very excited about all of her money making ideas. Lucky for her she is not only a personal trainer, but she is also into graphics. She decides to open some online stores and direct some of her traffic to them. Even though to use Cafepress and Zazzle you don’t need any experience with graphics, she enjoys developing slogans and graphics for her T-shirts.

She uses Zazzle and sells everything from Water bottles that says “Don’t Give Up”, to T-shirts that has motivational graphics on them.

Make Money By Blogging With ZLio,

Not only has Jessica decided to have a Zazzle Store, but she also has created an store. With Zlio and, she can pick and choose anything from books to dumbbells and sell them like its her own store. She only picks the items she would use so her traffic trusts her and buys her products. Every time someone buys from her store she gets paid.

Make Money By Blogging with referrals

Jessica has a boyfriend that manages a weight loss Gym. He gets paid for the amount of new clients he signs up. He pays Jessica to suggest his gym and talk about different services on her blog. Jessica also has friends that are great healthy chefs. She directs some of her traffic to these different websites and gets paid.

Make Money By Blogging With MLM Opportunities

Jessica’s sister sells a weight loss products and food for an MLM Company. Since Jessica trusts this company, she suggests some of the products on her blog. She also helps her sister recruit by talking about how much money you can earn with the company. Jessica realizes that she too could start selling the products and make even more money, but leaves it to her sister.

Make Money By Blogging by promoting Personal Services

Jessica realizes that she has been promoting a lot of different products for people. She wants to start promoting her own services. After all she is a personal trainer. She begins to advertise her services. She promotes her Personal Training skills, her personalized meal plans and even her online live workout programs.

Make Money By Blogging with Advertising Space

It seems like Jessica has a lot of advertising on her blog, but in reality if done right, she will only target certain traffic with the best advertisement. Since she is getting a lot of traffic to her site, she can start selling advertising space. If she chooses to, she can charge by the size of banners depending on her traffic. The more traffic she receives, the more money she can charge.

As you can see there are many ways you can make money with blogs.

There are many other ways too. For example blogging for others or selling magazines on your topic.

Jessica could create mixed cds, or even suggest different music mixes on Itunes. You must be creative.

Its really not that hard, just follow this blogging advice to get you started.

How To Hold Onto Your Personal Integrity No Matter What

Personal IntegrityHold onto Your Personal Integrity. You’ll be glad you did! The word personal integrity is often thrown around without much thought for what it means.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, integrity is “the quality of being honest and morally upright.”

“Have the courage to say no. Have the courage to face the truth. Do the right thing because it is right. These are the magic keys to living your life with integrity.” – W. Clement Stone

In the working world, personal integrity is a matter of having and sticking to your personal code of ethics. Your code may vary slightly from others, but if you honor your principles and do what is right, even when it doesn’t immediately benefit you, the benefits will be greater and longer term than taking the easy route.

What sort of ethics are we talking about?


Don’t lie. Even if you are afraid of the consequences. The consequences for lying and getting caught are worse than those for telling the truth. Period.

Beyond lying, honesty covers stealing, misrepresentation of facts (think of accountants ‘cooking the books’) and other acts which present a false front.

Instead, tell the truth. Respect other people’s property, privacy and individuality.


If you say you will be somewhere at a given time, be there. If you said the report would be done in a week, get it done in a week. If you are supposed to be at work by 9a.m., be there five minutes before.

When you are dependable, others trust you. They know they can rely on you to get the job done, show up, or provide what you promised. Integrity is trust. Trust is integrity. The two cannot be separated.

By cultivating your dependability, you also cultivate trust.

Desire self-improvement

You know you aren’t perfect. You also know that you don’t know everything. At least you do if you are being honest with yourself and others.

But, you should actively seek to improve yourself. For instance, visiting this site and learning about the career skills that make you more valuable to employers is part of self-improvement. When you take action to make yourself a better, stronger, smarter person, you show that you care about yourself and others.


This term has become a bad one over the years. It is seen as something that most of us lack. Simply put, self-discipline is the ability to make yourself do what needs to be done, even when you don’t feel like it.

We all have days when the last thing we want to do is go to work, or write that report, or draft those blueprints. It’s okay to feel that way. But you have to get up and do what you are supposed to do anyway.

For an excellent series on self-discipline, visit Steve Pavlina’s website.

All in all, personal integrity is the foundation on which all other career skills are built. Without it, all of the listening and speaking in the world will not advance your career very far. Be true to yourself.

Why do you have to optimize your web pages?

Search Engine OptimizationSome people think all you need to submit a site to search engines to as many search engines as possible to obtain a high ranking. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

If you do not optimize your web pages, so you do not get high search engine rankings.

1. Not all sites have high rankings

There are billions of websites on the Internet. It ‘clear that not everyone can appear among the top 10 results on search engines. Search engines list web pages found that the importance of a particular keyword. You must ensure that your site is such a site.

If search engines can’t find what your website about, they cannot give your website high rankings for that keyword.

The process of changing your web pages so that search engines find them relevant is called search engine optimization (SEO).

2. Your website must appear within the first 10 results

75% of researchers is not beyond the first page (Source: Georgia Institute of Technology). Most search engines display ten results on the first page, and very few Asked to click on links to see the other side.

The columnist, puts it this way: “Being listed 11 or above means that many people may miss your website. ”

For this reason, search engine optimization essential if you want to succeed with your website. WPH allows the optimization of search engines as easy as possible.

ATTENTION: A Single Spam Element Can Destroy Everything

Before beginning your Web Search Engine Optimization efforts, make sure that your pages are spam free.

This is very important. If you use a spam technique on your site, all other search engines optimization efforts are useless.

If a search engine has tagged your website as a source of spam, then you must remove Spam elements on your pages before the search engine see other parts of your site.

1. Many elements of your site may cause problems

Most search engines consider the following spam:

  • Covering (the web server returns different pages for search engines and robotshuman users)
    hidden pages
  • Hidden text (text has a color that is very similar to the background color, text very small font, the text is hidden by CSS codes, etc.)

If you use one of these techniques on their web pages, remove them now.

2. You might have spam elements on your site without knowing it

Depending on how you can create Web pages, the site may inadvertently the evidence of spam.

For example, some content management systems (CMS) create hidden text sections.

Many content management systems (CMS) use the CSS display:none technique to create drop-down menus or other expandable web page elements.

Other content management systems using spider blocking software which could be misinterpreted cloaking. If you are unsure, check your server and your web pages.

It is very important that your pages do not contain elements spam

Black-hat and white-hat SEO

Some SEO companies use software tools and unethical techniques and tricks to artificially increase the ranking of search engines from one site.

This dilutes the quality of the results and call into question the accuracy of researchresults. These methods are called black hat SEO.

Black-hat SEO is very risky Search engines will not be deceived. That is why I am constantly to counter the spam techniques which webmasters can use and criminal or prohibit them.

Search engines continue to reconstruct their algorithms to prevent spammers flood the search results page with irrelevant or low quality content.

You can get short term results with these techniques, but it is very likely that your site is prohibited by search engines, if you use them. You can put your business web at serious risk if you use methods of black hat SEO.

WPH uses the white hat SEO methods

WPH uses only ethical methods of search engine optimization. These methods are called White hat SEO. WPH using techniques that produce lasting results and don’t offend the search engines.

Ethical Search Engine Optimization (SEO white hat) where almost everyone wins. Is leads to a symbiotic relationship:

The search engines: They win, because they have pages that are easy understand and contain quality information that the search for the visitors.

  • Searchers ·: They win because they get what they ask for the search engines.
  • The Web site owners: They win because they receive visitors who are interested in what their website has to offer.
    WPH helps you build sites that are useful for the World Wide Web, Web site owners and search engines.
  • Bottom Line : Benefits of Search Engine Optimization

Optimization allows customers to successfully find your products and services online faster with less effort. The result is an increase in the number of customers motivated and interested in your website which means more sales for your small business, club, school or association.

Improve your Competitive Edge

Which increase the likelihood of customer finding you and means they are less chance to find your competitors. The faster your website can be found, the more you will keep your current customers and increase your online market share.

Expand Customer Base and target Audience

Web Search Engine Optimization makes your site easier to be found. It increasing traffic, improves your ranking, and chances of making sales. By expanding your market you’re exposing your products/services to more interested and motivated customers.

Boost sales / Increase your return on investment

Studies show customers are five times more likely to purchase products and services after finding your Web site using a search engine rather than online advertising.

best ranking means the growth of visits by customers and more sales opportunities. Search results get the highest conversion rates, turning visitors into clients.

Save time and money

Web Search Engine Optimization saves you money and time by using free search engine services to promote your products/services.

Once your web site is optimized and submitted it will continue to be found by search engines and is maintained with minimal effort.

How To Make A Heavy Impact With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing With A Heavy ImpactIn this article, it will go over some of the things that help you make a heavy impact with affiliate marketing. Most affiliate marketers never really make all that much money at all. A very small number of people earn over $1000 per month with affiliate marketing and even fewer actually earn a full-time income with their affiliate marketing efforts. Why is this? Why is it that so many people try to become successful with affiliate marketing and yet the vast majority of them fail?

We are going to help answer this question and more in this article. Our goal here on heavy impact affiliate marketing is to make you one of the super affiliates which means you are more money for your affiliate partners then pretty much everyone else combined. That’s what a super affiliate is and that’s what we plan to make you. This article is just the first in a series of what determines a high quality affiliate marketer from a low-quality one.

Most Affiliate Marketers Go For Quick Cash

The first problem with most affiliate marketers as they go after the quick cash. Unfortunately, the fast money is very difficult to obtain and while it is possible for a very small number of people going for it, most of the time people flounder and never even earn a single penny by doing this. Instead of developing a long-term business plan B try to find a loophole or something that can help them earn money without really doing any sort of work at all or providing any benefit or services to people. Trying to make money without adding any benefit to other people’s lives is a sure way to fail.

But we think you should do instead is developed a full-fledged business plan where you have a monetization plan and you know what all your expenses will be. You should also have a marketing plan and know exactly where everyone will be coming from to visit your website. If you do not have these things planned out ahead of time you are basically just winging it and this is a very dangerous approach to running a business, even if it is a low-risk business that does not cost much money such as affiliate marketing.

Most Affiliate Marketer Training Programs Suck

Many people will go to different websites to try to find a good affiliate marketer training program so that they can learn how to become an affiliate marketer. The unfortunate truth is that most of these affiliate marketer training programs were developed by people who have never actually been successful with affiliate marketing themselves. All they want to do is try to sell you certain products or services or maybe even earn some affiliate revenues themselves. They probably took a training program which showed them a certain technique on how to put together a website and resell a training program for affiliate commissions. The chances that they make any substantial income through their training program is slim but some of them give off the impression that they are millionaires or even laughably, billionaires. They should the mansions and fast cars and make all sorts of promises that you can do the same thing in a short period of time, but they are just full of it. So many people buy into this and then when they realize it really is impossible their dreams are dashed.

Build A Business The RIGHT Way

Do not try to build your business by simply piecing it together over time and learning as you go along. That is something that will happen anyway. What you need to do when you first start your affiliate marketing business is develop a business plan. You need to determine what products or services you will promote, how much you will receive in commissions for each sale, what you can expect as a conversion rate, where he will attract your visitors from, and what will make your website so special that search engines will send you free traffic. If you do not have all of this planned out ahead of time you are doomed to fail and so in the coming posts on this website, that will be our main focus.